Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Today's Learning Tasks:
- Math - Grade 3 (Division continued..), Grade 4 (Comparing & Ordering Fractions)
- Gym: Floor Hockey: passing skills & "Pirates"
- Science - Waste in Our School presentation rehearsals + group presentations. All group completed their Waste in Our School project, with some very interested presentations :)
- "Bouquet & a Beef" - students shared positive and negative experiences at school in an open, non-judgemental setting.

Ask your child:
- How did their Waste in Our School presentation go today? Were they satisfied with their efforts?
- to show you their IXL.COM account, which they can now use from home to practice Math skills.

- nightly reading & spelling practice (quiz on Friday)
- Math activity sheet due Monday, for those who did not finish during class time.
IXL.COM - ALL students brought home letters to parents, introducing IXL (which we will be using for a 30-day trial). Students can continue ADDITION modules for their grade level, to practice their mental math skills. 

- it is very beneficial for each child to have and use their own earbuds - the cheapest ones can be bought for $1.00 at a loonie store
- Field trip to Jack Singer concert Hall -  this Thursday April 10th morning.  Outstanding forms must be returned tomorrow morning!
- 'Hat Day' - April 16th
- School Logo Design entries *good copies due May 1st* ONLY PUBLISHED COPIES ACCEPTED
- Healthy Hunger - Subway Lunch  
     -last day to order April 17th
     -lunch is on April 25th