Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Today's learning tasks:
- Gym (floor hockey)
- Science (group planning for "waste in our school" oral presentation)
- Music
- Math (Grade 3: Introduction to Division, Grade 4: Introduction to Fractions)
- Science (TVO Kids waste video, fact-taking, and sharing)

Ask your child:
- *What is OPTIMISM? Is the glass half empty, or half full?
- Grade 4's: What is a Numerator? What is a Denominator?

- nightly reading, math facts and spelling practice *quiz on Friday this week
- Math homework (activity sheets) - to be submitted tomorrow morning!
- finish Creative Writing Reflection "My Winter Break' (at least 2 pages in length)
- finish word search and drawings of French les vetements


Bottle Drive Fundraiser

On Saturday April 5th, Vista Heights School Council will be holding a bottle drive.

Location: Vista Heights School – Parking Lot

Time: 9:00 am-12:00 pm

-Please volunteer your time to help us raise money for school events and activities.

-If you are unable to volunteer please bring your bottles to the school during this time.

-If you would like to donate your bottles, but are unable to transport them, call Joanna and we will arrange pick-up.

*This is a School Council Activity. Parents must attend with their children; the school staff is not responsible for this activity. An adult must be present to pick-up bottles from homes and/or present to give permission for their child to ride in another parent’s vehicle. Parents with trucks are especially needed!

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Phone: Joanna Quinn 403-291-1955

Email Allison Miller
Subway Lunch – Healthy Hunger
-first day to order April 3rd   
-last day to order April 17th
-lunch is on April 25th