Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday April 7, 2014

Today's Learning Tasks:
- Gym: (with Room 3) - Floor Hockey: drills and skrimmage
- Class meeting - outline of this week's activities
- Spelling: new word list
- S.S. - green screen editing, sharing of 'family tree stories'
- L.A. - Intro to 'good story beginnings' (examples from published books)
- Movement Break: 'Wake n Shake'
- L.A./S.S. - Creative Writing - composing exciting story beginnings "A Good First Impression"  front part of sheet due tomorrow

Ask your child:
- how they plan on demonstrating optimism this week
- if their armpits are sweaty or smelly after gym - it might be time for DEODORANT!?
- nightly reading, math facts & spelling practice (quiz on Friday)

- 'Creating a Good First Impression' - due tomorrow
- it is very beneficial for each child to have and use their own earbuds - the cheapest ones can be bought for $1.00 at a loonie store
- Field trip to Jack Singer concert Hall -  this Thursday April 10th morning.  Please return field trip forms ASAP
- 'Hat Day' - April 16th
- School Logo Design entries *good copies due May 1st* ONLY PUBLISHED COPIES ACCEPTED
- Healthy Hunger - Subway Lunch  
     -last day to order April 17th
     -lunch is on April 25th