Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wednesday April 2, 2014

Today's Learning Tasks:
- gym: floor hockey with Room 3
- Math - (Gr. 3: sets/division), Gr. 4 (fractions)
- Science: "Waste in our School" script writing
- S.S. - introduction and discussion of 'family trees', video "Dion Family"
- RAZ Reading - individual and green screen Alberta Regions editing

Ask your child:
- about this month's virtue - 'optimism'
- to explain what a 'family tree' is - have a discussion about your nationality, your grandparents, and family heritage (this is preparation for our own family trees, next week)

- nightly reading, math facts and spelling practice (*quiz on Friday this week*)

- it is very beneficial for each child to have and use their own earbuds - the cheapest ones can be bought for $1.00 at a loonie store
- 'Hat Day' - April 17th
- School Logo Design entries *good copies due May 1st* ONLY PUBLISHED COPIES ACCEPTED
- Bottle Drive - this Sat 9-5pm
- Healthy Hunger - Subway Lunch

-first day to order April 3rd   
-last day to order April 17th
-lunch is on April 25th